In the first month that we’ve owned this house the upstairs and most of the main floor has been painted. The front entrance has been tiled and two bathrooms are almost finished. The windows have been ordered, basement has been framed, a new opening to the kitchen has been built, and old flooring has been removed. Next will be the electrical work, a new furnace and tankless water heater, the backdoor replaced and repositioned, and the entrance there rebuilt.



Backdoor area and kitchen

Ceramic tile work at the entrance and guest bathroom.

New linoleum floor tiles in bedrooms, study and living room.






New House

We are renovating a house built in 1980. Here are the photos of it when we first saw it.

It is now January and we have started the renovations. I will add to this weekly to show the transformation.

Photos of the 1980 light fixtures that will be replaced.

October with weather to match finally

After an early winter snow in September I was prepared for a long winter. Finally, we got some normal and quite lovely Autumn weather.

My August Adventure in Theatre

In August, I was the voice and handler of a puppet called Marcel in an experimental play performed at the Stage Lab Festival at the University of Alberta. It was a challenge for me and a lot of fun.


I’ve always marvelled at the variety of bicycles you can find on the streets of Europe. This year I started photographing them wherever I am. Here is a sampling from Paris.

And some seen in Bordeaux.